ATTENTION:  Technical support is no longer available for this pre-2014 software version. 

To determine your support and software subscription expiration date or for a version upgrade quotation, please e-mail sales@softwaremotif.com.

MyEMR 2014, EMR Datacenter 2014 and EMR Imagecenter 2014 became available on October 1, 2013 and are our currently supported software products.

Our 2014 software lineup is supported on local area networks which you are likely using.

If you are using a single-user version of EMR Datacenter, you should especially consider our Cloud SaaS Software-as-a-Service platform, at $119/mo. for 3 concurrent logins with a $500 initial setup.  More...

We can provide as many user logins as your office or satellite offices require, from our popular 3 user, 5 user and 10 user accounts and custom quoted beyond 10 users.

Cloud SaaS computing provides you with all of the office, home and satellite office convenience you would expect from using a cloud computing platform, on clustered server hardware platforms so that you don't need to upgrade your computers.  You have 24x7x365 access to your secure logins and 24x7x365 access to your data for your on-demand backups, without additional expense for online backups.  Keep your existing computers and save $$$ and avoid expenses from your local computer technician. 

We have provided Internet software-as-a-service hosting since 2004, and upgraded our server infrastructure to Cloud SaaS computing since 2006 for extreme performance, redundancy, security and the simple customer convenience of 24x7 high availability login accounts.

EMR Datacenter 2011
EMR Imagecenter 2011

Cloud SaaS:  Software-as-a-Service
MyEMR® 2011 for Windows

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